We Are Living in a Whole New World

We Are Living in a Whole New World

The last time I posted, the world was about to come to an end, but we didn’t know it. I tried several times to post a blog, but my website wouldn’t let me into the backside so I could do what I have to do to get the blog and all its photos up where you can see and read it. I tried many times to access my dashboard so I could post, but it was locked down.

I contacted Wix, the website platform I use. They said they had no trouble logging in to it. “It must be your Internet,” they said.

Virtually every day for six long weeks, I have tried to log in. Today, with no trouble at all, it opened up. Quickly.

I’m not going to even hazard a guess as to what went wrong and then fixed itself. Maybe it caught a virus. I guess I’ll have to make it a mask.

The next blog will be posted this weekend … I hope.